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Steampunk Time Machine Backpack

I made this for this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair which just passed in May. I also made a Steampunk rifle which I will be writing about in a separate post. So I got the idea for this backpack a while ago when I saw a video on Youtube here¬†showing how to make a lamp out of Voss water bottles. The challenge for me was to make it compact and portable and also to keep the cost down.

I changed the design to make it lighter and also I don’t really have access to many tools. I used air tubing wrapped in lights as my coil and a portable fish tank air pump to produce the bubbles. I used a wine holder for the case and wooden toy wheels for the number dials. I was inspired by the original Time Machine movie. Hope you like it and thanks for looking.


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Posted by on July 19, 2016 in 3D Design, Fairs and Cosplay


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