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Steampunk Wrist Bracer for Ipod Nano

Steampunk Wrist Bracer for Ipod Nano

It’s been some time since my last post, things got busy with the holidays and and life in general. I’ve been meaning to post this project for a while. This is my Steampunk Wrist Bracer and Ipod holder to go with my Steampunk Headphones that I posted earlier. It’s made from leather and other decorative elements and the Ipod Nano is removable.

I struggle with this project before finding a way to incorporate the Ipod Nano so that it could be easily attached and removed. In the end a simple strip of leather did the trick and the rest fell into place. Thank you for looking and commenting. I promise it won’t be a long wait for the next post.


Steampunk Bracer View 5 Steampunk Bracer View 4 Steampunk Bracer View 3 Steampunk Bracer View 2 Steampunk Bracer View 1 Steampunk Bracer Open Steampunk Bracer with Headphones

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